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Abyss? Licensed? WHO WOULDA THUNK IT?

According to Anime News Network, the Tales of the Abyss anime is being licensed!

I'm not sure how many people are looking forward to watching the anime in English but I, for one, am excited!

Lets hope this isn't just a rumor, eh?

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[personal profile] lifetap 2010-07-25 09:56 am (UTC)(link)


I'm looking forward to it on one condition; certain VAs are the same as they were in the game. 'Biggest ones for me are Luke/Asch, Guy, Jade, Dist, and Van. Screw with the others, fine. Find replacements for the others, fine. Certain characters though... too much of their personality comes through in their voice, and it'd be a huge turnoff for me if they dubbed it here with a brand new cast.

*keeps fingers crossed*
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I'm with you on that, I think it'll be wonderful as long as the voice actors are the same. ^.^
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If they actually have the game voice actors doing it, it'll be one of the first dubs that I prefer. I just can't stand Koyasu Takehito and his arrogant, unchanging voice. And Jade is my favorite character. So I've avoided watching the anime. (Sorry, if you like him, just my opinion.)