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Title: Fonstones 1
Author/Artist: electric_butterfly
Rating: Teen
Warnings: May contain spoilers, but not likely
Word count: 1069
Summary: Just a series of drabbles and ficlets about various Tales of the Abyss characters. Mostly Jade and Guy though.
A/N: These ficlets are my first contributions to the Tales of the Abyss fandom. Yay. These are all for the Dreamwidth Community: Fic_Promptly. It’s a fic community where people lay out prompts and you write a fic for them. Fun! They had a contest and I really wanted to win. You can tell. Anyway, a lot of these will be Jade/Guy centered because I LOVE Jade and pairing him with Guy is my OTP. Other characters, however, will be featured from time to time.

Beanie Babies, Tales of the Abyss, Anise/Luke, "I can't wait to take you home..."

When Luke first arrived at Daath, Anise couldn’t keep her mouth shut. She never could keep her mouth shut and in her “home turf”, she certainly proved it.

“Oh! Look at this! I want to show you this!” She blubbered like someone who had way too much coffee. She had a cute smile though. Then again, Anise loved playing with the cute side of her. She held Luke’s hand tightly while she dragged him to her room. "I can't wait to take you home... I'm gonna show you my Beanie baby collection, and you are gonna die!"

“Die!?” Luke gasped, suddenly feeling like his heart stopped beating.

Anise laughed, and then glared. “If you don’t like my beanie babies, you will!”

The bet, Tales of the Abyss, Jade,Guy,Luke, spa costumes

“I bet you that Jade just wears that bathrobe and slippers for decoration,” Luke said while he and Guy watched the older man walking around the Keterberg Spa. The warm water steamed nearby as if waiting for someone to walk right in.

“No.” Guy shook his head. “He looks comfortable. He likes things that are comfortable. Maybe that pinkish peach color is for decor, but beyond that? Comfort. That towel on your head is for decor, but Jade’s outfit? Nah.”

“Forget the towel, then. I’ll make a different bet.” Luke grinned an evil grin. “I bet the only decoration he wears under that bathrobe is his own skin.”

“As opposed to someone else’s?” Guy sniggered.

Luke edged closer. “You know what I mean.”

“You mean, you think he’s naked? No, I don’t think so. He’s probably wearing swimming shorts or something. Like my outfit, only without a top.”

“Nope. He’s butt naked.”

“How would you know? Did you look or something?”

“Nope. I just know how he is, like you do.”

“Come on, Luke, he’s not--” Guy stopped talking.

“What’s wrong with--” Luke’s green eyes widened and his jaw would have fallen to the floor if it weren’t screwed on his face.

Jade stood by the pool like he owned the entire city. Maybe he did. Maybe not. Either way, he untied his robe, removed his slippers, and--

“Oh no!” Both young men practically climbed on each other to avoid be seen. Too bad they were anyway.

“What?” Jade inquired, raising a single honey gold eyebrow.

“Nothing! Nothing!” They ran into a dressing room, swearing that they didn’t see Jade smile that damnable smile.

“You owe me fifty gald!” Luke held out his hand.

“You never said the amount, so it doesn’t count!” Guy tried to argue, but he found himself looking back towards the spa, and while he wasn’t looking, Luke snatched the money from Guy’s money purse. “Hey! Luke!”

The boy practically vanished, leaving Guy to deal with a very amused Jade.

Never, Tales of the Abyss, Guy Cecil, entering the Fabre household

Guy didn’t too much attention to House Fabre when he first entered it as a servant for the young Luke. Instead, he only thought of his now vanished homeland. Revenge too, especially revenge. Even as a child, Guy wanted bloody satisfaction. If the Fabre House could have that, then so could he. Only, in his case, he would need time. Time to grow up, time to train, time to forge trust with those he meant to ruin. No one suspected anything. How could they? A servant is nothing, right? Generally beneath the notice of others. Perfect. A friend stabs from the front, or the back, or the side, wherever. Didn’t matter. Revenge mattered, that is all.

Revenge for his family, for Hod, and for everything that went wrong. His sister, Mary, told him to never forget where he came from. Van told him the same. To Guy, that was like telling water to remain wet. He would never forget where he came from.


The Knack, Tales of the Abyss, Guy, stop and go

Guy felt great joy when he sat in the pilot’s seat in the Albiore. He marveled at the simplicity of everything, the beauty of the shape, the wonderful vibrations surrounding him. Above all, he loved the ease of controlling the airplane. Moving forward simply meant moving the stick away from him. The more he pushed the steering forward, the faster the plane. If he wanted to stop, he simply centered the stick, allowing for hovering in midair, or idling on the ground. Backward? He didn’t need anyone to tell him what to do there. In fact, Noelle barely had to tell him anything.

To her, Guy had the knack for flying, and she went even further by claiming that he could drive, fly, operate anything. He could go as he pleased and stopping remained firmly in his control. He landed like a veteran and took off like one too. Guy never bragged, he just knew. He knew that fontech etched itself in his mind, his soul, his everything, and he was damned thankful for it.

supposed to be, tales of the abyss, jade/guy, I am making a birdhous

Guy couldn’t quite tell what he was making. If he had to describe it, then he would say that it looked like a dwelling of some sort. However, Guy didn’t know if that description worked because humans wouldn't fit in such a place, and the whole thing comprised of metal, rubber, and even some wood. Guy just played around, and right now, he honestly wished that he didn’t. When Jade saw this symmetrical mess, he merely looked with a hint of curiosity before asking,

“What is this supposed to be? This isn’t based on the research I gave you.”

“I’m building a birdhouse!” Guy blurted.

Without missing a beat, Jade grinned. “Birdhouse? More like an Outhouse.” He briskly walked away before Guy could even think of a retort.

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