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Title: Fonstones 2
Author/Artist: electric_butterfly
Rating: Teen
Warnings: May contain spoilers, but not likely
Word count: 1169
Summary: Just a series of drabbles and ficlets about various Tales of the Abyss characters. Mostly Jade and Guy though.
A/N:These are all for the Dreamwidth Community: Fic_Promptly. It’s a fic community where people lay out prompts and you write a fic for them. Fun! They had a contest and I really wanted to win. You can tell. Anyway, a lot of these will be Jade/Guy centered because I LOVE Jade and pairing him with Guy is my OTP. Other characters, however, will be featured from time to time.

The stone, tales of the abyss, Van Grants, Hod

Van obsessed with his homeland for years. He didn’t know nor care if anyone blamed him. He still dreamt of how the beautiful area sank, taking many wonderful people with it into the hideous, poisonous amethyst below. Van couldn’t afford to forget. He even went so far as to carry around a stone from Hod. Sometimes he would hold it close to his chest, and remember the building where it came from.

His own home. That’s where it came from. The stone remained white, smooth, and it reminded him of a fonstone. He thought of the Score then, and how he intended to free the world from the memory that killed many of those he loved. The stone became his compass for every time he strayed from his path. Besides his sister, Guy, and a handful of others, the piece of his home was all that was left of beautiful Hod.

Skit time, Tales of the Abyss, male group, fumbling for touch in the dark

Luke: Alright! Who turned off the lights!?
Jade: It wasn’t me.
Guy: Oh no, of course not.
Jade. Really, it wasn’t me.
Luke: Who the hell did?
Mieu: Not me. I’m too scared of the dark.
Jade: That’s understandable. Being afraid of the dark is a primal fear.
Guy: So, how come you’re not phased?
Jade: Why should I be? You don’t always need vision to see.
Guy: Hey! What the? Who touched me...there!
Jade: Where?
Guy: My dick! Who the hell touched my dick?
Luke: It wasn’t me.
Mieu: Not me!
Guy: Jade!?
Jade: What?
Guy: Ow! Stop that!
Jade: Stop what? Is there something wrong, Guy?
Guy: Someone keeps touching my...ACK! Luke?
Luke: I’m not doing anything.
Mieu: Me neither.
Guy: JADE!
Jade: Luke, stop bad touching Guy!
Luke: I’m not bad touching him!
Guy: Just knock it off! *oof* Hit a wall...I think. *lights turn on. Jade is right next to him smiling his damnable smile. Luke and Mieu are at least ten paces away.* Jade...
Jade: What?
Guy: *Walks away* Er, never mind. *blushes, but will die before admitting it.*

Tilt, Tales of the Abyss, Jade/Guy, headtilt

Sometimes Jade Curtiss tilted his head when he smiled his damnable smile, and his honey gold hair spilled down his shoulder onto his arm. Guy Cecil knew what such a gesture meant, but no one else noticed. Maybe they didn’t want to or maybe they weren’t quite as, er, attracted to the Colonel. Guy never told anyone how often he found himself nearly grinning at every head tilt. He also never told them the smart remakes that usually followed that simple gesture. Guy didn’t really need to do that because they all knew how often Jade imparted everything from knowledge to straight up cynical sarcasm.

Jade looked beautiful though. Guy couldn’t believe he even thought that, and he’d sooner cut out his tongue than say it. Must be the hair that looked like Gald when it fell past his shoulders. Yea, that must be it. Or, that smile that Jade often wore. Maybe the stoicism when Jade wasn’t smiling drew Guy to him.

Guy shrugged, figuring that none of it mattered since he wasn’t attracted to Jade anyway. No, really, he wasn’t.

No Power, Tales of the Abyss, Luke vs. Van, "Through dangers untold..."

“Foolish Replica Luke.”

That statement used to mean something, used to be a phrase that prompted Luke to do anything his “Master” Van wanted done. Luke remembered it being used only once, and that was all it took for an entire city to fall.

Now? That statement meant nothing. Van knew it because he never once uttered it again. Instead, he said far worse things. Luke used to privately cry over those words. He used to tremble whenever Van came up in conversations.

Now? Luke stood before Van, sword in hand, walked slowly towards him and said, “Through dangers untold, through hardships unnumbered - you have no power over me!"

At first, Van laughed, but when he lost the fight, he laughed at the irony as he fell into the core of the planet.

How many ways? Tales of the Abyss, Jade, Guy, So...how many ways..

When Jade picked up the dead cat, Guy just stood there feeling horrified, but not surprised. /This is Jade we’re talking about/. The cat appeared to have just died, probably killed by some monster or someone who liked to kills cats. Maybe it died of illness, who knew? Who cared? Colonel Jade Curtiss obviously did because he held it in his gloved hands, turning it over, front, sideways, back and upside down.

“So... how many ways ARE there to skin a cat?” Jade asked.

Guy looked around, hoping, wishing that someone else could answer such a question, but no, he found himself alone with Jade.

“Uhm, a hundred?” Guy answered, but only because he remembered the old adage, and right now, he wished he hadn’t.

What others think, Tales of the Abyss, Jade/Guy, frankly...

Guy walked through Grand Chokmah just awed by the sound of the waterfalls that surrounded the city. Jade walked beside him, pretty much oblivious to the water that sang to the earth below. Not much of a surprise for Guy since Jade lived in the Imperial Capital for quite some time. Some people made it a point to avoid Jade like he had the plague, and some went even further to whisper just loud enough for both men to hear it.

“Wait...” Guy stopped at a group of people who quickly walked away.

Jade also stopped, raising his eyebrow. “Yes?”

“They were talking about you.”

“Oh no!” Jade gasped, sarcasm dripping down his chin. “We should kill them!”

“Eh, whatever.” Guy shook his head and continued walking. “It’s just that it looks like you have a lot of enemies.”

“Looks like? You disappoint me, Greggy, I thought you were a bit more perceptive.”

Greggy again. Guy sighed. Jade tacked on that nickname soon after Natalia had joined and as usual, never let up with it. “I just didn’t think you had so many enemies.”

“Of course I have enemies. For someone like me, it’s par for the course.” Jade shrugged. He looked around the city like nothing mattered.

“Does it bother you?”

This time, Jade stopped in front of Guy. He had no smile on his handsome face, and the tone of his voice deepened. “Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn.”

Guy chuckled. “That’s good...really good...” No matter how often Jade annoyed him, he knew that he would never be able to stay angry at the older man.

Jade flashed that damnable smile. “I know, which is why I always made it a point not to care what others think of me.”

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