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Art and Fic!

I hope this comm still exists - I just finished Tales of the Abyss, and I wanted to share the love! So! Some links - three fanarts and a fic.

Title: Tails of the Abyss, Parts 1 and 2
Artist: [personal profile] lynndyre
Rating: G
Characters: Peony and Jade (part 1), Guy and Luke (part 2)
Spoilers?: None
Summary: Everything is cuter with ears and tails added. ^.^

Part 1: Peony and Jade kemonomimi
Part 2: puppy!Guy and kitty!Luke

Title: Sickday
Artist: [personal profile] lynndyre
Rating: G
Characters: Luke, Asch
Spoilers?: for Asch's identity, in the comments
Summary: Asch looking after Luke, who has a cold.

In which Asch is reluctantly being nice. ^.^

Title: Mean Softie
Author: [personal profile] lynndyre
Rating: PG/teen
Characters: Peony, Jade
Spoilers: Endgame and Contamination sidequest
Summary: Postgame in Grand Chokmah, for once Jade's not drinking alone.

Jade has earned the title: Mean Softie

--Please leave comments under the fic/picture! I'd love to know what people think.